I’m currently working on a romantic suspense novel that takes place in the here and now. It’s my first book (if you don’t include the countless others I’ve tossed into the figurative trashcan) and it’s keeping me on my toes, to say the least. Some days I’m able to write an entire chapter, and on others, I’m lucky if I can manage a sentence. I contribute that to the fact that I’m a procrastinating perfectionist who’s also a control freak. As you can imagine, this makes the writing process a little more complicated than it needs to be. Sigh.

“I want it to be perfect…just not right now.”

On one hand, writing is my life. It’s my preferred, most comfortable form of expression. It gives me the ability to release my deepest and darkest thoughts without fear. Not only does it allow me to escape reality but it also gives me the ability to confront it at the same time. However, on the other hand, if the opportunity presented itself, I’d probably smother it with a pillow while it was sleeping (I’m full of contradictions, I know). Sometimes it’s difficult to describe exactly whats going on inside my head. Not to mention my characters. Why do they have free will, again?

Anyway, I’m making it a goal to complete my first draft by the end of this year. So check back periodically to see my progress, I’ll be in need of beta readers here shortly!